Woman paying with credit card at store.

Debit Cards

One card does it all.

That’s the power of a First Bank Hampton Debit Card.

You can use your debit card just like a check or cash presenting it at the time of purchase. The amount is automatically deducted from your checking account. You can also use your First Bank Hampton debit card at an ATM for quick access to cash or deposit.

Using Your Card Responsibly. Always keep your PIN private. Don’t write it anywhere on your card. Never tell anyone your PIN. If lost or stolen, contact us immediately at 641.456.4793 from 8:00 am to 5 pm. After hours or weekends, please call 1.800.383.8000. This will limit your liability in case of fraudulent use of your card.

Instant Issue. Opening a new account and want a debit card? Lost or stolen debit card? No problem with instant issue! With instant issue we have the technology to create a debit card for you in-house.
Contactless Debit Card. This newest contactless technology allows you to tap your card for payments wherever the technology is accepted. Like the EMC chip, tapped transactions use a unique code encryption for an added layer of protection against identity theft. Payment terminal that accept tapped payments are marked with the universal symbol of four vertical, curved lines. Wherever the technology is not accepted, First Bank Hampton’s contactless debit cards can still be swiped or inserted.

Privileged Status. Don’t spend money to get money. As a customer of First Bank Hampton, you can withdraw funds surcharge-free at First Bank Hampton’s ATM and thousands of Privileged Status® ATMs across the country. Locate a surcharge-free Privileged Status ATM near you at shazam.net.

Set Debit Card Transaction Alerts. Stop debit card fraud in its tracks with the Brella™ app. You can receive alerts for amounts exceeding limits you set, purchases made via the internet or phone, or for suspicious or high-risk purchases. Search for “Brella Card Manager” in your app store and download today.