Three coworkers at meeting table.

Our Team

Board of Directors

David M. Heuberger, CEO - NMLS #689617
Tyler D. Heeren, President
Bruce A. Harris, Exec. Vice President
Ronald R. Schermer, Board Member
Dyanne Pralle, Board Member
Nancy Boyington, Board Member

Commercial and Agricultural Lending Team

Tyler Heeren, President - NMLS #689620
Bruce Harris, Exec. Vice President - NMLS #689618
Brian L. Pralle, Vice President - NMLS # 1126808
Eric Reicherts, Vice President - NMLS # 1773114
Jordan Brass, Asst. Vice President - NMLS # 1984922
Dustin Abbas, Asst. Vice President - NMLS # 2300993
Josh Lange, Loan Officer

Real Estate and Consumer Lending

Colleen Moritz, Senior Vice President - NMLS #689622
Steph McWilliams, Consumer Lender- NMLS #2002349

Marketing, Compliance, IT & Operations

Emma Calles, Marketing Director
Cindy Mollenbeck, Compliance Officer
Brian Borcherding, Information Systems Officer
Stephanie Burman-Kloetzer, Vice President of Operations
Courtney Hass, Head Loan Processor
Taylor Jones, Loan Processor
Marina Guerrero, Loan Processor

Bookkeeping Team

Tessa Haller, Cashier
Kim Hershey, Bookkeeper
Laura Bird, Bookkeeper

Personal Bankers & Customer Service Representatives

Teresa Fielding, Personal Banker
Krista Dunt, Personal Banker
Pamela Whipple, Personal Banker
Elle Sheppard, Personal Banker
Maria Siems, Customer Service Representative
Amanda Minnier, Customer Service Representative

Latimer Office

Deanna Koenen, Office Manager
Carol Sandersfeld, Customer Service Representative
Janae Eisentrager, Personal Banker