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Shazam Brella

Stop debit card fraud in its tracks with the SHAZAM Brella™ app.

Alerts. With this app, you can set up and receive alerts for amounts exceeding limits you set, purchases made via the internet or phone, or for suspicious or high-risk purchases.

Quick Balance. You can check your account balance faster than you can check the time with the Quick Balance feature on the Brella app.

Fingerprint. Passwords can be a pain! Log in with just your fingerprint on the Brella app. With the Brella mobile app you can receive alerts about potentially fraudulent activity, check balance information, send person-to-person money transfers, block and unblock your card and locate surcharge-free ATMs.

Transaction Control. Lose your debit card? Turn it off. Find it in the couch cushions? Turn it back on. It’s that simple with the Brella app. Search for the Brella™ Card Manager in your favorite app store and download today.